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There are many ways to get a mural on your building. If you’d like to donate your building to one of our initiatives, please fill out this form.

How much am I going to pay for a mural?

Muralists very by skill level, design and experience. You can pay anywhere from $12 per square foot up to $50 per square foot for a mural, but please expect to pay more than what it would cost to paint your building a solid color. Many people don’t understand the cost of murals, but the standard rates are from $12 to $50 per square foot, with a “normal” price being around $30 per square foot.

Factors that determine cost.

If the wall is over 15 feet, a lift may be needed. If your building is commercial property, you may want to hire an artist who has Liability Insurance.. The size of the mural will determine paint cost, the equipment will also determine cost, for instance; if an artist is painting a two story building, a lift for that project will be around $2500 depending on the size of the wall, so factor that in. The artist will have to know how to operate the equipment as well, so do your research on the experience of an artist for projects that are large-scale.

Destination Pieces

Many building owners choose artists who have international experience. We have many of these artists in our network. An internationally known artist will create a “destination piece” for your property. Please consult with our team if you’re interested in this type of piece. Below are examples of destination pieces.

Shepard Fairey Mural in Tampa

How and Nosm in Tampa - Detroit

Standards in Mural Painting

Placement is important, we can consult with your business on the best practices of mural placement, as there are many things to consider.



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Get a Mural Get a Mural Get a Mural Get a Mural Get a Mural Get a Mural