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What is Ignite Hillsborough?

Ignite Hillsborough is the product of years worth of research and development from partnerships that Mergeculture Gallery administrators have made in the Global New Contemporary Art community that has sparked ideas on how artists impact the communities they live and work in. These partners formed Ignite Innovation in 2015 to share knowledge about how communities fund, facilitate, and create programming that is culturally relevant and promotes a hunger for collaboration. The entire model is built around the purpose of bringing people together through art experiences. Ignite Hillsborough is a festival, a fundraising model, and a culture of unity. It really encompasses many facets of the way that artists and communities interact - and information taken from partnerships with global leaders in New Contemporary Art, allow us to build programming that is current, culturally relevant, innovative, and specific to cultural identity of our region, growing from the uniqueness that is Hillsborough County.

Local Implementation

Ignite Hillsborough is festival style event with the goal of packing the first four weeks of April of each year with culturally-rich experience centric programming.

A countywide arts festival that takes place every April in Hillsborough County Florida. This festival includes Pow Wow Tampa, Lumen Projector Mapping Festival, Letterfest, and additional programming.

The model for Ignite Hillsborough is designed to provide a month of cultural programming that is guided by specific placemaking marketing plans that build awareness of culturally rich experiences for tourists and Hillsborough County residents alike.

If you’re interested in sponsoring or participating in Ignite Hillsborough in any way, please contact CLRTY Agency.

Get Involved

If you are an artist, or community leader, please fill out this form and tell us about you.

If you would like to donate your wall to a future mural project, read through this information.

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Ignite Hillsborough